How to Build Your Google Analytics Page Like a Boss

It is highly recommended that when you build a website you install Google Analytics.  This is a webmaster tool that will give you a snap shot on website traffic and can help you diagnose website problems.  The other great part about having Google Analytics installed is you can hear directly from the horses mouth what your website issues are.  The majority of traffic on the internet is referred through Google and studies show 90% of search is organic.  This means that you will achieve the best results if you focus your efforts on pleasing the biggest search engine in the world.  Leave a comment below and tell me what you think about the video.  -Karl


Top 5 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tips for Your Business

The best search engine optimization tips and tricks that nobody else will tell you.  Leverage the power of SEO to dominate your competitors
The best search engine optimization tips and tricks that nobody else will tell you. Leverage the power of SEO to dominate your competitors

There is a lot of debate out there about what SEO actually is and how to do it correctly.  Most internet marketers don’t really understand search engine optimization at all.  In fact, they simply build out a website, add content, add tags, and promote on social media.  That is not search engine marketing, but instead just web design and development.  Real SEO goes beyond simply filling out tags and moves into the behind the scenes things you can build to get search engines to rank your website.  Good developers focus on making the big search engines happy.  This involves things like back links from high PR sites, social signals, article submission, and anchor text.  The real pros understand anchor text keyword density and how that can effect your website.  They also understand the importance of backlinks from powerful websites and how to optimize anchor text correctly.  The only way this can be done is to focus on the changes Google makes and adapt your website constantly.  The other advice I would give you is to hire a competent search engine marketing company for you website.  If you are a computer expert you will easily be able to do it yourself, but it’s always better to hire a professional.  Here are the Top 5 search engine marketing tips for your firm.

1.  Fill out your Google Pages Local Listing and verify your address.

2. Post at least 1 blog post per day 5+ days a week.

3. Harness the power of Google by posting your blogs on Google+.

4. Use BackLinks from high PR websites to boost your rankings.

5. Create relevant “anchor text” backlinks to target the keywords you want to search for.

Bonus Tip: Harness the power of Google Images and upload your photos with descriptions and tags.

These are my top 5 seo tips for your company.  These are the best “white hat” search tips that you can use to grow your website and beat your competition.

Tips to Promote a Youtube Video for Millions of Views

I found this video about how to promote your Youtube content for maximum views.  This video by Whole Wale gives some pretty good advice but there is a few things they leave it.  How popular your video will be has a lot to do with the subject matter in the YouTube.  The goal of anyone in marketing of course is for your content to go viral.  For instance, if you live in a small community and have a video about your kids, it’s probably not going to do that well.  On the other hand, if you make a YouTube Video on a broad topic like Football or the Super Bowl you can then leverage the millions of fans of that niche to watch your video.  The reason this works is because there is already thousands of people searching these topics online and you basically need to put your content in from of them.  Overall this is a great video with some excellent tips you should follow, but I wanted to give that one disclaimer first.  If you want to hit the million view mark your best chance is to make your Youtube video about a popular subject.

How to Make a WordPress Website – Step by Step Guide

In this amazing hour long video Tyler shows you the how to set up your very own WordPress website from scratch.  This is the same process that talented web designers would charge you $1,000 or more to do and Tyler breaks it down in a Youtube video.  For people new to the internet this might be a little to complicated, but if your competent on the internet you should have no problem doing in yourself.  This is a very long video so sit back relax and soak it all in.

The Best SEO Advice for Startup Companies

Maile Ohye from Google Webmasters shares her advice to startup companies on how to search engine optimize your website.  This is a great video to learn from because it’s coming from a main person in Google.  This means the advice she is giving you is straight from the search engine giant.  The way I look at internet optimization is I focus on making Google happy.  Studies show that 70% or more of search is organic and goes through Google.  This means by focusing on naturally ranking for your niche specific keywords is probably the best strategy.

How to Find the Right Web Designer for Your Project

Finding the right web designer for your business website can be challenging.  I have been in the online business for decades now and I still don’t have an affordable web designer I rely on for all my projects.  The reason for this is the internet is constantly changing and evolving and websites take constant effort to maintain.  The other issue is most people don’t think they should pay a lot of money for web design services.  The average customer wants to pay between $500-$1,000 for a project when in reality it should cost $5,000+.  This is a constant battle I have been fighting in this industry for years.  The good news is there are many different sites out there that can help you outsource your website to the right person.  One of my favorite is  There you will find thousands of competent website developers with reviews and a 5 star rating system.  This way you can rest assured your picking the right person for you project.  I hope that information helps!