One Simple SEO Trick All Bussiness Owners Should Know

The world of search engine optimization is complex and dynamic.  As the world spins so does the internet and the days of old are gone.  The old web used to just search websites but now Google has moved in with the Google Business Listings.  A lot of business owners have adapted to these changes but many have not.  If you look at a search term like “Portland Oregon Hotels” you will notice that website listings do not pull up first anymore.  Now the Google 3-Pack pulls up in the number 1, 2, and 3 position.  Check out this photo to see what the search looks like.

Portland Oregon Hotels
Check out the Google 3-Pack Listings for the search term “Portland Oregon Hotels”

It is critical for all business owners to properly fill out their Google Listing so they have a chance to be pulled up in the Google pack.  If not the highest search result you can obtain is #4.  So this is just a quick tip for business owners out there, make sure you fill out your listing correctly.


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