Tips to Promote a Youtube Video for Millions of Views

I found this video about how to promote your Youtube content for maximum views.  This video by Whole Wale gives some pretty good advice but there is a few things they leave it.  How popular your video will be has a lot to do with the subject matter in the YouTube.  The goal of anyone in marketing of course is for your content to go viral.  For instance, if you live in a small community and have a video about your kids, it’s probably not going to do that well.  On the other hand, if you make a YouTube Video on a broad topic like Football or the Super Bowl you can then leverage the millions of fans of that niche to watch your video.  The reason this works is because there is already thousands of people searching these topics online and you basically need to put your content in from of them.  Overall this is a great video with some excellent tips you should follow, but I wanted to give that one disclaimer first.  If you want to hit the million view mark your best chance is to make your Youtube video about a popular subject.