The Importance Of Social Media for Your Website

The power of social media cannot be overstated.  There are a lot of search engine gurus out there that say social is dead and Google is not using it as a factor for rankings.  I agree that it doesn’t have as much power as say an anchor text link but they are definitely using socials in their algorithm.  The likes a shares show search engines that there is activity and traffic engaging with your website.  The other thing to consider is the coming internet of things which you can read more about in the Harvard article.  I also feel in the future socials will play a bigger roll because more and more people are hanging out on social media instead of traditional websites.  With that being said, do I think the traditional website is going to die?  No I don’t because they are really the backbone of the internet and they have different rules then the Web 2.0’s out there.  There are more reasons that I think social media is important though and it’s because of the links you can insert into your profiles.  Through your social media accounts you can link into your webpage, and to your other social media.  For instance, from your Facebook page you can link into your Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube.  If you log into the advanced settings of your Youtube account you can link to your webpage, Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media platforms.  The one thing most people don’t realize is the rules are different for normal webpages and web 2.0 properties.  The giant web 2.0’s like Weebly, WordPress, Blogger, ect have a lot of domain authority because of their age and content.  If create a webpage on a new domain name then the DA starts and 1 and the PA starts at 1.  For a web 2.0 page the DA is usually 80-90 but the PA starts at 1.  So that means it can be safer to link web 2.0 properties to each other because the DA is high for both.  If this sounds complicated and technical then you might want to think about hiring a search engine optimization company.  A good seo company can help you optimize your website for the appropriate keywords, build citations, and strong banklinks.  We use a Portland SEO Company called Oregon Web Solutions and they understand how to rank webpages.  There is more or less a science to it and the tricky part is the science is constantly changing.  Usually twice a year Google will update it’s search algorithm and with changes to fight agains’t spam and other junk websites.  If you think your going to spam your way to #1 search rankings in this day and age your mistaking.  The only way to get to the top for competitive keywords is quality content, strong anchor text, branding, and correctly targeting your niche keywords.  If your just starting out then it’s important to pick a niche that you can easily develop content for.  Without quality content it can be hard to rank your webpage with any degree of success.  It’s possible to rank your website without daily compelling content but much harder.  If I was going to pick a niche it would be in something that I had a lot of first hand knowledge on and would consider myself an expert.  I really like the web design niche because I have a lot of experience designer webpages and can really help people.  In order to have a good webpage you need good seo which is something I know a lot about.  In conclusion, you don’t need social media to rank your website but it helps.  Why not use the free banklinks from Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to power up your website and build trust with the big search engines.  Social media can also drive a lot of traffic to your webpage that otherwise would find out about you.  I hope you learning something today now get out there and build your website.


How to Find the Right Web Designer for Your Project

Finding the right web designer for your business website can be challenging.  I have been in the online business for decades now and I still don’t have an affordable web designer I rely on for all my projects.  The reason for this is the internet is constantly changing and evolving and websites take constant effort to maintain.  The other issue is most people don’t think they should pay a lot of money for web design services.  The average customer wants to pay between $500-$1,000 for a project when in reality it should cost $5,000+.  This is a constant battle I have been fighting in this industry for years.  The good news is there are many different sites out there that can help you outsource your website to the right person.  One of my favorite is  There you will find thousands of competent website developers with reviews and a 5 star rating system.  This way you can rest assured your picking the right person for you project.  I hope that information helps!